Thursday, October 11, 2012

::: STYLE LIKE U :::


"I think it would be cooler, more relevant and way more edgy to just become a farmer in today’s world, because that’s almost more important than art." Charlotte Kemp Muhl

It actually touched me a lot what Eden said. I can relate to that so much. Its basically where I see myself now. It feels good to know that there are also other people that go through the same phases in their lifes. 


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

+++ LORDS OF SALEM review +++

First off all Id like to say for everyone that hasnt seen it yet go and watch it but try not to have any expectations and also dont think it will be like his other movies. Because its not! I'm a huge Rob Zombie fan and I watched all his movies several times and can never get sick of it. My favorite is the devils rejects by far though. Although he also did a great job on the Halloween movies as well.

Anyway when I saw that the Lords of Salem is playing at the horror filmfest in Sitges I was beyond excited and it was my first choice out of all the other movies they were showing. Unfortunately I had too much expectations and that is probably the problem now. When I heard about the story I was rather excited. I lived in Boston for awhile and have been visiting Salem myself. I loved the city and it's charm. And the history about the witches of Salem is very interesting to me. Since there were movies made already about that topic I figured that Zombie would top all of them by far and if we talk about the shocking element and the rawness he definitely did.

But let me tell what bothered me. The movie started out pretty slow. I was missing the action and waiting impatiently for some shock moments. I like the building up part but I need to get some feel during that to keep me interested. Sheri Moon Zombie plays the biggest part in the movie and although she does some great acting in this one I wanted to see more of the other actors. The story was rather weak and not detailed enough for my taste. Also you get rather confused during some scenes as you don't know what's real or what's a dream sequence, if she's on drugs or just imagining it. I do like having to think about what's going on sometimes but not if it just leaves you with a constant question mark over your head. The last 15 minutes probably killed it and made it way better but that can't save the whole movie. The end is very confusing and didn't satisfy me at all though. Lets just say I love the whole look of the movie. Like all of Zombies movies they are just cool as fuck. Sheri Moon's style is awesome and I'd love to steal her wardrobe! You'll see people and some very unexpected scenarios. Oh and the music is definitely another cool thing. I will have to watch it again and I will. I might like it better when I'm sitting at home in my cave watching it. Also have to add that it was a nice surprise to see two of the witches at the showing. The actresses Dee Wallace and Meg Foster were introducing themselves and seemed rather cool. Just watch it and if you're a Rob Zombie fan I'm sure you'll like it either way.

Thursday, August 30, 2012



AMAZING! I dont even know where to start. Someone basically made my dream interior happen. This bohemian london town house is available as a film location. I could definitely spend my hermit times in there and would never get sick it. Its absolutely perfect.
For those of you that are interested in renting it or checking out even more images..have a look at the website






photos by: Amanda Leigh Smith
styled by: Ashley Hayden
HMUA: Morgan Enfield
models: Skye Sengelmann & Sharon Elizabeth 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

+++ AURIELLE Interview +++


Aurielle / 27 / NYC/LA


1. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your passion.

Hi, I'm Aurielle, I've been modeling for about 7 years, I'm also a singer-songwriter :) 


2. How was growing up for you and when did you decide to become a singer?
I grew up watching Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson videos & having two parents that were very music oriented. I think I relate music to happiness for that reason. I have been singing since middle school. I also play the piano. I did lots of musicals and talents shows in highschool & participated in chorus also. I started writing music about 6 years ago, but just recently picked it back up aggressively 2 years ago. The music industry scared me a little bit for a while, but I'd say I've grown into myself as a woman & have seen a lot living in the "big city" & am finally thick skinned enough to handle what comes my way.

3. What inspires you most to write a song?
And what is your favorite topic you like to sing about?
I guess what inspires me to write music, is what inspires me to listen to it. I'm a romantic artist at heart & my heartache & passion for love is fun to write about. it's like an outlet...



4. Your style is rad, very colorful and cute. It seems also influenced by the 90s.
Is that your favorite era?
 Ahh thank you!!! yeah i LOVE the 90's. I also love the late 50's early 60's era. I kinda get lost in the past sometimes...I'm so inspired by art & artists that came from those times. I feel like being stylish is about embracing things you love in your own way.



5. How do you feel about the modern music industry?
 I have mixed feelings..but I love that independent artists can have a voice through social networking. I also love to see some artists make a difference through their music & how they treat their fans.


6. Which artists can we find on your itunes? Tell us some favorites...
 Drake, Rick Ross, Lana Del Rey, Frank Ocean, Little Dragon, Desire, Kavinskyy, 2chainz, Fleetwood Mac, Sade, Bob Marley, Carly Simon, the beatles, Aaliyah, TONS of 90's tunes... I could go on....


7. You are a very beautiful young lady and also model. What was your favorite job so far?
thank you so much again!! my favorite job so far... has to have been the time I shot with David LaChappelle... he's a legend in my eyes & an extraordinary artist. I worked on his "Chain of life" piece as a model, that was released last July & will be featured in his new book. it was the first & only time I have shot as a model nude, but I think it was totally classy & worth it. Being around David that day was pretty much the best day of my career. He was very close with Michael Jackson & we shot about a year after he passed..& he played Michael's music during our whole shoot.


8. If you could travel anywhere you want.. Where would it be and why?
 I would love to go to Paris & Tokyo. I dig fashion a lottttttt, & I have yet to go overseas. Those are on my list. I'd like to go to Greece too!!


9. The video to "close your eyes" is very lovely and the song has dub step parts in it...which I like a lot. What can we expect from your upcoming songs?
 My new music, which will be released in the fall is more vibey and mellow..with a little more "swag". Close your eyes was a fresh young song that really described how I was feeling at the time when we wrote the song.


10. Tell us about your future plans? Where do you see yourself in a few years?
 I have been traveling so much lately & I hope for more of that. Finishing my EP, and hopefully touring soon! In a few years, I hope to still be making music, & modeling... and to be settled down a little more maybe a BOYFRIEND? Husband? something! haha....I've been so busy that part of my life is pretty much non-existent.


Instagram: @auriellexo