Friday, December 9, 2011

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Terry Ifern Owens / 27 / New Orleans

When did you start drawing/painting?

Me gettin into art was by accident. Never thought Id be doing this at all..was suppose to be strictly skateboarding but I just graduated from high school and was really moving fast with my board but me and some friends went to knotts scary farm and we all drove back late that night, well long story short is douchebag driver fell asleep at the wheel and we jumped a 81ft drainage ditch. Killing a great friend and inspiring skate filmer. Almost killing his own brother and myself as well but I shattered everything in my face and cracked my skull in 3 spots, broke my back in 14 spots, fracturing my t10 and t1, hand was ripped apart at the bones out and a lot of gashes and internal bruising. Basically doc says yeah you will never skate 2 yrs later I started to walk around and go through multiple surgeries. I started to get into art and sketch and just play with it cause thats all I could do but all I wanted to do was get back on my board and you know what 7 years later im killin it on my board again and developed a passion for the arts which is not an obsession...just wanting to learn and grow in art....but yeah thats how I started.

What inspires you?

Im really inspired by the paranormal and weird. Mainly religions, horror films and skate vids.

How would you describe your art to people?

Im a dark artist with a light heart. I just prefer to look at and create fucked up shit in a way thats really not fucked up ha ha

Who are your favorite artists and who influenced you?

Well I dont have that many from the distant past. But like Warhol and Dali were up my alley but if its today I have my friends. My friends motivate the hell out of me especially my dirty south and the whole black masssssss (in snake voice) of friends in Indonesia.....THERE ONE OF A KIND.

Do you believe in astrology or in paranormal phenomena?

Oh hell yeah I believe in the paranormal....the unameable lives!

What does Ifern do when he is not painting?

The only thing I do if Im not creating or goofin off  is skateboarding. Actually just finished a nice sesh with the homies before this.

Your art is pretty evil.. are you into gory things in general?

Well my personal style is on the dark side of things....its more intriguing to stare at and creating it is just fun.

Is there anything you are scared of?

hahahaha Im not to scared of much but I do get jumpy sometimes. But I hate spiders. Id rather battle a troll.

Where can people find your work / buy it?

If u want to find my personal and commissioned work is just on until I get my site going. But if you want to find my printed work you can here:

What can we expect from Ifern in the future?

Well as far as my future imma keep doin what Im doin just pushin harder every day.
Im super easy, skate and art till death!

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