Monday, January 9, 2012


Alex Zelenka / 28 / Earth


1. How did you get into music and did you always work as DJ or do other things before? 

I started collecting vinyl records in 1996, trying to DJ them every chance I could get
inspired by Chicago house and Detroit Techno.


2. What do you like most about being a DJ?

Traveling . for sure.


3. Is there a city or location that you enjoyed working most so far? And where would you say was the best crowd?

I have been to many cities which all were amazing but the best crowd responses were in Los Angeles .


4. You work also with Crystal Castles.. and did lots of remixes for many big names in the business. How did you get to work with all these people?


I reached out to most of the artists myself also played shows together with a few, some remixes were remix contests and a few are bootleg mashups.


5. What does Alex listen to when he is at home?

Crystal Castles , The xx , Trentemoller , Mazzy Star , White Lies , The Smiths , Digitalism , Sigor Ros , Mr Kitty. the list goes on and on. 


6. What kind of emotions do you associate with your music?

All of them .


7. Which artist / bands did you grow up listening to?

Micheal Jackson , Ace Of Base , Nine Inch Nails , Nirvana , Filter , Stabbing Westward


8. Is there anyone in particular you would love to work with?

Style Of Eye.


9. Do you have any rituals before you start your set?

One part lemon two part vodka dash of ice with a twist.


10. Where can we see Alex Zelenka next? What are your future plans?

European tour following my full album release on Valentines day.

album sampler

live dj mix

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