Wednesday, January 25, 2012

✟✟✟ MIKE GHOST ✟✟✟

Mike Ghost / 27 / Lisbon, Portugal

1.  Mike Ghost - that name is known for creation in all kinds of different ways. You got so many talents, mainly focused on music, photography and design. What would you say your heart is mostly dedicated to though?

I'ts hard to understand it, cause i do love to do all different types of "art" if you can call it that, mostly I've realized that i need to be busy and creative with all the things i love the most, music, photograph, design, video and so on, i like when people reach me due to the most different thoughts and ideas, because they've heard about me or saw something, I'm not the best doing it, I'm not the most successful in it, but I'm the most happy guy doing it, still i know when to stop, theres some "jobs" that i can't do it and i know that! I just love new challenges.

2. Your band Men Eater is pretty big in your country and also well known outside of it.  Did you expect this to happen?

Never, it's something great to have in your life, doing what you love and people following it because they connect to what you do, the band started pretty chilled and came to life pretty fast in Portugal, we went from a support band to a headlining band in a weird fast way, but still...we're not big...we do ok inside the underground scene, couples tour's and outside shows, some big festivals

3. You did a lot touring the past years. Which was your favorite city/crowd so far and why?

Oh my, hehe , i tour since i was 16, there was so many great shows and crowds, i did a few tour's with bands that i don't belong, i was pretty much just fillin in, from hc bands to more rockish and metal bands! Theres always this town in Portugal called Braga, jesus best shows i can say, and the city it's so pretty and historical! Recently i've had the chance to fill in for Devil In Me across europe along with Wisdom In Chain, and it was a really great and relaxed tour, the show's were pretty awesome, small clubs packed with dedicated followers! It's always new!

4. How did you get into photography and design?

Since i was young i was surrounded by art, sue to my father, all the biker magazines from the 70's and all the bands from that generation, and all of it was packed with great photos and designs, the really good and natural ones, so I've always had a bug about it, so once again i do like to keep it busy and creative and soon i built a chance to start learning and buying stuff on my own to create all of that, that was the start, doing something for friends, here and there, free work, mistakes and learning with it everyday, i just arrive from another day of shooting this music video, dead tired but happy!

5. You got a very unique style when it comes to your layouts/designs. 
Where do you get your inspiration from?

I really don't know..can i say that??? ahha, i just do it and "study" about it while I'm doing it and sketching, i do love collage work, some really dirty images, ruff and distorted layouts, i could clean i guess if i need but...might not be my first path! I'm not asked to do that much of a design collection or gallery shows, all my clients they know what their about to get from my way of doing it and that's what makes it the way it is i think!

6. You also used to BMX.  Do you still? And when did you start doing that?

I do i do, and i love it, i was really young when i first get into it, my father was always into biker stuff and he used to race the nationals so i was surrounded with that, but i never want it the biker\mx cause i thought it was to much for me, so bmx was the safe way to do it....or not, ahha, I've been into so many crashes that i do have a few issue with my bones due to it, i just love it!

7. What do you do when you are at home and wanna relax? 
And what is your favorite band right now?

When I'm not on tour, or traveling, or outside work, i am home working most of the time....i love having my own space, to edit my photos, videos, designs or write my music, but true, i need my relax and chill moments, still i do like to have some friends around at home when I'm doing nothing!

8. You recently started a solo project called Hollow Ghost. What made you decide to do that? And what is the difference between Hollow Ghost and Men Eater?

The main reason was that i needed to explore and speak myself the way i really see it, by using music in this case, so hollow ghost came from that need, i did start writing tones of demo's  a few years ago, but since men eater was so busy i couldn't make it happen, recently my good friend Chris Common (these arms are snakes,producer) moved to portugal, so i thought it was the perfect time to do it...and it happen, i do have a few plans with it and the full length will be recorded soon! Theres a big amount of different things from men eater, really, a lot!

9. Is it easy for you to write songs and how would you describe the process of it?

Depends on the mood, situations brings new ideas, i do have a small home studio where i do write and record all my ideas, would it be for men eater, hollow ghost or songs for commercials, still i love being inside a studio and all the process of it. i love to create like I've said before, making something out of nothing its one of the most grateful things ever in my opinion, i just have to use and be thankful that i can do it and use it in my life to make me a better and happier person!

10. Where do you see yourself in the future? I hope you will always keep on creating! 
I wont stop, believe me, i can't stop, this is my life, i don't know anything better, i travel the world, i do what i love, new and old friends, situations, sad and happy days, and the fact that i mostly don't make that much money out of it doesn't kill me or make me wanna re think the entire process!

I know Mike for a few years now and he surprised me many times with his creations. Im always looking forward to new projects he is doing and I can definitely say it never gets boring. Not only is he really good in what he is doing he is also a very nice guy. Go follow and like his sites. Enjoy! 

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