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Beau "Chief Red Beard" Manley / 32 / Temecula, California

1. Can you please introduce yourself and describe who Beau Manley is
 for those who dont know you yet!

I am a Former FMX/Motocross Pro, Skateboarder, Actor, TV Host/ commentator, Researcher, philosopher, artist etc some call it a renaissance man.

2. Most people know you for being a pro Freestyle Motorcross Rider.
Why did you decide on that career and not on sports you also enjoyed, like skating and snowboarding?

I chose MX because I had spent my whole life riding/racing so it was a no brainer. At one point in my teens I was more into skateboarding and snowboarding though. Art and music were also up there with activities I was involved in the whole time, I just thought FMX looked like a fun thing to be involved in at it's inception. It's since gotten way too gnarly and I have gotten older and had enough of the hitting the ground. I still ride and skate when I feel up to it. I like riding Harley's the most nowadays.

3. You are also known for being a part of the Metal Mulisha Team which you recently left.
What made you do that?

I decided to leave MM because I felt that I had outgrown it. It started out as a core group of friends and was like a family. Over time it grew into something huge and became more PC and I really didn't feel like I belonged in the new MM. I wasn't making shit from them, not enough to survive, there was a bunch of politics involved etc... It motivated me to do VDC as an alternative and make clothes I actually want to wear and think are cool. I have no hard feelings, I was just over it and wanted to do something different. I've been wanting that for a while now so I'm stoked to be on my own without anyone telling me to tone it down or any oversight. I do what ever I want, always have. Now no one has to worry about me portraying their Corporation in a negative light.  I am happy with my decision and looking forward to the future. Feels good :)

4. Tell us a little bit about your clothing line VDC (Viking Death Cult)?

How did you come up with the idea and what does it make special compared to other clothing lines out there?

I just came up with the name fucking around with my wife Anna and started having my buddy Cody Iversen at the Heritage Tattoo shop make some designs. I never really wanted a clothing company as so many kooks out here in southern CA have "clothing companies" I see it more as a family run project that happens to have merch. We plan on doing skateboards and other random items that are things I dig on and people can be a part of it. So far a lot of my die hard Fans have been showing support! It's still so new I'm sure some people don't even know about it. I'd like it to stay underground and just have a "cult" following.. hehe. I have no intentions of being in big store chains or having the mindless masses consuming it. We just wanted to make shit we like to wear or have as well as share that with my people out there. If people are offended by it then 'fuck em' don't buy it then... I know some people are offended by the imagery for example the inverted Cross, but it's just their lack of knowledge and preconceived notions from their limited understanding  of life/reality! You know what they say? If you're scared go to church.. ;]

5. It seems that having a norwegian background has a huge influence on what you do.

Your wife is european too, from Sweden! How big of an impact does your norwegian heritage have on you living and creating in America?

Well... I can tell you it seems we are more intelligent than most Americans (shocker) haha. I just grew up in the Pacific Northwest in a town with a lot of other fellow "Sons of Norway" and when it came time to settle down a bit and find a "keeper" I turned to the family values I grew up around. So I got a Swede (actually had a great grandmother who was a Swede). We get along great and are very similar, some would say weirdo's. We compliment each other, like what one has the other doesn't and vice versa. We have some of the similar opinions on things or a worldly view that is similar :] I would say I'm a bit more radical in my thinking as I was raised in the wild west and America is quite fucked up compared to Norway and Sweden. For example Our institutions of learning, healthcare, drugs and violence...etc. Like I said previously we compliment each other Nicely :) She gives me insight on a different way to view certain things as I show her the "western way" of looking at shit. I like how family oriented she is! As opposed to the capitalist's whores here in California. You know the ones that all think they are models after sucking some dudes dick for a free photo shoot? Or fuck old fat bald dudes to ride on their yacht and live the lifestyle of a trophy cunt!

Brett Preece Photography

6. You just recently played a main part in the movie BRO, which is supposed to be released this year! How was working as an actor? Can you imagine doing that more often in the future?

And what kinda movies would catch your eye?

Yeah, I did. It was a fun experience for sure, something different to get into at the time. I could do it anytime I'm summoned to do so for sure. I can't imagine getting too many offers as I am not a metro sexual "LA" guy like most actors are nowadays and I'm not a member of any secret orders (cults) like most successful actors are either. The kind of movies I would like to do are indie films based in the Viking era or Medieval times or movies about bikers surviving the zombie apocalypse riding Harley's shooting zombies in there fucking heads with 12 gauge shotguns haha that would be fun I suppose ;)

7. Fox and MTV offered you doing some reality shows (one with your wife together called "A Savage Life") which never happened in the end! Do you think speaking your own mind and staying true to yourself might be a burden in the entertainment industry?

Actually the "savage life" one was just an internet series that a friend had put together. Other than that I have had a few TV deals over the last few years that at the 11th hour got clipped. I'm sure speaking on sensitive subject matter didn't help my case at all.. :). You know, at the end of the day I just gotta be real and if people want Jersey Shore type wiener's to make shows with then I can be of no service to them as I fucking hate dudes like that and think they should be shot by firing squad in the dead of night.

8. You told me you like to provoke and shock people. What do you think is the main reason why you enjoy doing that?

You know, I just never fit into society. When I was a kid they said something was wrong with me and medicated me so I would be a good little zombie. At some point I had a cool teacher that didn't think medicating children with poisonous chemicals was the best option and got off of the meds. Since then I have just been pissed off I guess? Also I know I'm a genius and if people don't recognize it they can get fucked as far as I'm concerned... I just do what I please and try and have a good time with it. I sleep well at night and to me that's all that matters. That and that we as a family are all taken care of. Beyond that I have no obligation to anyone to please them or kiss their ass for any reason whatsoever. Most of the stuff we do is in the name of lighthearted fun, so If someone can't handle the truth or are so programed that what we do challenges their programing it's really none of my concern. It sure is fun watching brainwashed sheep get bummed over something we did for a giggle. While at the same time there is heavy shit going on in the world and they just ignore it and watch TV. They let TV tell them what's socially acceptable and what's "real". Get a clue folks, google Chemtrails and FEMA camps then get back to me.

9. We talked about the society being brainwashed for decades and how the media is playing a big part on it. Basically keep people dumb and satisfied that way they wont ask any questions. We also talked about you not believing in religon or role models, as well as politics and laws. Have you always thought that way or did something change your mind?

I always pretty much had a feeling about it since I was a child. As I got older I had the internet to access information to prove my theories correct and find books that I would have never known about previously. They do indeed brainwash people with state/corporate sponsored Propaganda and the sheep eat it up along with their McDonalds. They put poisonous chemicals in food, toothpaste, vaccines etc the list goes on and on as far as to the great lengths they go to keep people utterly brain dead and unhealthy. Religion was designed to control people as well. If one does the research they'll find all sorts of things that don't add up or were blatantly made up. As far a s role models I assume thats what family members are for. If they weren't I guess you're fucked. The pop stars of the day certainly shouldn't be looked upon as role models. If you're doing that you're truly lost and no one can help you. Politics are theatrical when you realize that it's just a show to keep the idiots confused and on a perpetual hamster wheel going round and round. As far as laws that's a sensitive subject as here in America most aren't really laws. They are statutes and codes that don't legally apply to us. They apply to the fictitious entity that was created by the birth certificate that has the name in all capital letters. Dig on that if you're an American, not "United States" Citizen as the United states is a corporation and is only the District of Columbia as well as other United states territories. I guess you can say I believe in freedom. Freedom is something most have never known truly as the version you were sold in school is an illusion, a lie and you were never free. You were born a debt slave to the United states Corporation as soon as the certificate was issued with a tax ID # . I think we should all be free and hold ourselves accountable for our actions instead of relying on a government to tell us what to do and how to behave. We should be responsible for making our own decisions about what we do, how we live, what foods we eat, if we decide to ingest drugs we should be allowed to do that as well. I'm not advocating the use of drugs I am just saying that Natural Selection would sort out the weaker links in this sort of society.

10. As a child you noticed that you have a gift.. that made you become an outsider in some way during your childhood and also made you go through some rough phases in your life. How do you live with it now?

I should say my parents realized that I had a gift. Psychic abilities. They would think and I would hear it as if they said it. It scared people when I was little., I however had no idea what I was doing wasn't normal until I went to school, then I realized that I was different than all the other kids. I felt alone and clearly no one was going to understand what was going on, not even my parents at that point really. Thanks to being forced medication, flouride, school lunches.. etc it kind of mellowed out a bit. In my recent years I have been regaining abilities thanks to a proper diet and having knowledge on the matter. There was a period of time that I just thought I was crazy. Now thanks to all the info available I am able to understand what was going on and know I wasn't the only one with those kind of things happening . For a few years in my teen to adult life It was hard to deal with and I did drugs and got drunk to kind of "turn off" the abilities and things that go along with it.  When you're a young man and have no idea what the fuck is going on and no referance point , it can be too much to handle so I fucking just tried to turn it off so I could function. I used to think I was mental, now I know what was going on was something special to be embraced as opposed to be afraid of. Like anything when you are ignorant of something it can cause fear or unsettling feelings to arise because it's an unknown. In the last few years I have studied many different traditions the Norse being my favorite as they were my ancestors, and their Magikal practices. Now Runes are a part of everyday life for us and a part of the sorcery that was our ancestral past is alive in well in us.

11. What do you think about the theory that the world might change drastically on 12 / 12 / 21?

Well... thats a tough one to summarize in such a short amount of Linear time. There is a reason many ancient calendars end on that date, it's not by coincidence.. you would have to be totally tuned out to think that it's just some random occurence. It's the end of an age and the beginning of a new one. There are many theories as to what happens when this change occur's. My personal theory is some sort of cosmic event may alter our consciousness or give us an opportunity to evolve almost overnight. Maybe exist at a higher vibrational rate and perceive things that we couldn't before. One things for sure, that is we can't continue on the path we have been on since the industrial revolution began or we will be extinct in a matter of a few generations and I'm sure most never think of that(end the use of Nuclear power/ everyday use of petroleum)(maybe use gasoline only for motorcycles because they sound cool?). If they did I'm sure they would want their great grandchildren to have a place to live, and not just to survive but to thrive. So for all of our sakes lets hope it's true and we evolve and survive.

12. While doing this interview on the phone I made notes and not gonna lie I agree with all you said. I wanna share a few things you quoted with the world:

"We live in a society of sheep".

"Most people are consumers"

"The real prison is your own mind"

"Humanity is living in an artifical reality"

"Religion is there to manipulate people"

"Leaders and Rolemodels are not necessary"

"People are afraid of changes... chaos gives birth to new ideas"

"Every day is like a rebirth..."

"This Society creates machines... our opinions are implanted".

How would you personally like to see the world/people changing?

I would like to see an evolution of consciousness occur, I would like to see an end to all wars(as most are for profit by a select group of wealthy assholes/based on lies). I would like for the greater reality to be known and integrated into our everyday lives. I would like to have free energy (it exists but has been suppressed by the powers that be"wealthy assholes again" in the name of profit). I would like open communication with friendly ET races or Inner earth beings(google Admiral Byrd). I would like us to relearn what was forgotten since the time of our ancestors and use that knowledge as a foundation to build our future on (see 9 Noble virtues of Asatru). I would like people to be happy and capable of living fulfilling lives. If people all had what they needed to survive there wouldn't be any reason to be pissed. I would like to be able to teleport instead of driving(the tech exists already) as well as have my own Saucer to fly wherever I damn well please in for recreation( again the tech exists already). I would like to go to space and view the beauty of our home planet from afar to better appreciate it.

13. You are currently writing a book together with a Ghostwriter. You told me its an autobiography! What made you decide sharing your life and making it public for everyone basically?

I decided to write my book after seeing how much dumb shit gets published. I have a story to tell and I think people will find my lives story to be a good read. Maybe it will inspire some other weirdo out there to go on an adventure to chase their dreams as well as help people understand how I became the person I am today. Maybe people will turn off their TV to read it and in doing so their brain will be being exercised that otherwise wouldn't?  there are many reasons for this... at the end of the day the people that buy this book will probably be like "Fuck, this guy is nuts" and maybe have a laugh Or at the very least fans will understand why I did the things I did and how I got here.

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