Friday, June 8, 2012

+++ Interview Clamore Wolfmeyer +++

Clamore Wolfmeyer / 26 / Frederick, MD


1. Describe yourself in three words!

Motivated, Hungry and Negative



2. Clamore Wolfmeyer is a very unique name, where does your last name come from?

My wife actually gave me the name. I don't like my real last name very much so i changed it.



3. When did you start gettin tattooed? What was your first tattoo?

When i turned 18. I was always interested in getting tattooed at a young age and i'm really happy that i waited. I wanted some bullshit at 16 that i know now i would have hated. I feel that waiting and really thinking about what you want for your first one makes or breaks what you're gonna get down the road. I got a heart with some banners for this old punk band i used to play drums in. super traditional and its held up great these past 8 years.



4. How did you get into tattooing and was it always something you wanted to do for a living?

I've been into tattooing since i was about 12. I remember my parents coming home with bloody bandages on themselves and me freaking out till they showed me what was under them. Once i saw what they got, i thought they were the coolest fucking parents ever. They'd always bring me home tattoo magazines and i was already drawing and painting by 12. So i knew immediately thats what i wanted to do when i grew up.



5. Your work (drawings and tattoos) is great! its mainly traditional! Is that what you enjoy the most?

I do! I love the history of it all and seeing how simplistic art work can get. Don't get me wrong, i like to do some tweaked out pieces and step out of the box here and there but i like my work to tell a story. BOLD WILL HOLD!!!!


6. How do you feel about very young people coming into your shop wanting to get visible tattoos for their first tattoos. Is it somethin that bothers you or dont you care about it?

I find to to be a very dumb and selfish move on their part. All these young kids see their favorite rappers and musicians on TV with neck, hand, face tattoos and instantly wanna look like them. Not giving a shit what society or their family is gonna think about them. They just want to fit in or look the part of someone important and i HATE people like that. I have all these tattoos on me because i can. Its what i do for a living. I've followed the guidelines before i started getting visible tattoos. i wish i didn't have them half the time. People always staring and asking you questions... completely redundant and annoying. That being said, they'll never work anywhere better than McDonalds with shit like that on them. So i totally try and talk them out of it and move it to a different location but nobody listens to me. They don't give a fuck and guess what... neither do i! I've tried my best to steer them off that road first but if they got the money to burn and not a care in the world... fuck it. I'll do it. Never proud of it but everyone wants to play the part of a rockstar!



7. You also work conventions and travel from time to time. Is there any shop or convention you would love to work at?

I like everywhere i go! I usually hang on the east coast for conventions because all my clients live here but guest spotting, i'll go anywhere! I always try to have a good time tattooing what i like to do and learning from others when i'm away from home. I'm very content with where i'm at. I just don't see myself at another shop.


8. What was the most ridiculous tattoo you ever did?

The album cover of Crazy Town! The girl licking the lollipop! hahaha soooo good! Are they even still a band???



9. Tell us an artist alive or dead that inspired you the most!

I really have fun looking and watching Krooked Ken tattoo. He honestly blows me away every time i watch him tattoo. I wanna be where he's at in the next 10 years.


10. You recently became a dad...congrats on that!! How do you feel about your kid gettin tattoos later?

Yes! Thank you! Bronson is a gift from hell that boy is! He makes everything i do worth it. Hopefully, if he follows the path i took when i was younger, hell be tattooing in no time. I'll never have an apprentice but i will apprentice him if he wants to. I would like to keep it in this family so that one day he will be great and pass it on to his kids. The history, the knowledge, the sacrifices i've made, people that i've met and places that i've seen. He can have all that if he chooses to. I really hope so! I want him to be successful and take care of my old fart ass down the road HAHAHA.



11. What can we expect from Clamore in the near future? What are your dreams, plans and goals?

I'll be here in MD till the day i die. Next convention ill be at is the Cleveland show July. After that i'm sticking to home base. Maybe do a tiny bit of traveling to guest spot but i would like to spend more time with my wife and to watch my kids grow. I don't want to miss that. Without them, I am nothing. As for goals, just to keep pushing harder and harder and to learn more and more everyday.


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FB: Clamore Wolfmeyer

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