Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Interview Charley Greenfield

First of all I would like everyone to know that this was a huge mistake and misunderstanding between me and Charley. She submitted me a bunch of pictures for this interview and I took some of her facebook as well as I thought they were all photographs taken by her. She told me after I posted the interview that I need to change it because she is just the stylist in some of them. I am currently on holiday in spain and had no time to change anything. Also everyone that knows me or my website knows that I NEVER post images without giving the right credit. This site was created to support all kinds of artists. Im not getting paid and Im doing this for fun. The last thing I need is having drama because of my posts. In my view the only person that is in the position to send me a message is the actual photographer. Which she did in a polite way. Everyone elses comments were just unnecessary! Im gonna take the interview down and edit it and will post it again when Im back home. So everyone should just chill now! Thanks!

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